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Introductory Flight

Introductory flight is the first flight done in a Private Pilot License (PPL) course. The main goal of this flight is to provide a first experience of flying a real airplane, while getting a reliable assessment of your skills and talent to become a pilot.

The introductory flight takes place in Herzliya Airport, starts in a briefing where I explain to you how the airplane flies and what should you do in order to fly it. Then we will go to the airplane and check that it is ready for a safe flight using the preflight procedure. Then we will sit in the cockpit, fasten seat belts, get permission to start up, taxi and take-off and shortly we will be in the air. Then we will reach the training area, which is an air cube which only one airplane uses at a time, where you will get the controls and you will be the pilot. Your flying maneuvers will be based on the briefing and my demonstrations and error corrections. Most of the flight you will be the pilot, doing straight and level flight, turns and other basic maneuvers, while achieving the flight goals.

The introductory flight, as well as the other flights in the PPL course, will be fine-tuned to you in order to reach the highest benefit from it. The better you do, the more responsibility you'll get and the more dominant you will be in the flight. At the end of the flight we will navigate the airplane back to the airport and land. After landing, we will debrief the flight, which will include reviewing the flight and getting a reliable feedback from me about the flight and the future of the PPL course.

After the introductory flight and the debriefing, you will have full answers to all your questions, for example: