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Who am I and how will I lead you to a Private Pilot License?

I work as a pilot and as a flight instructor, during decades, in Israel and out of Israel, in various types of airplanes over thousands of flying hours.

In order to become a pilot, you need to invest a lot of time, energy and money. Therefore, I always consider providing the best value for the money invested in the course. My goal is to lead the student pilot to the highest level in minimum investment. I do it by:

If you always had a dream to become a pilot, you have reached the right place. I guarantee to lead you step by step to achieve your goal, in highest proficiency and safety, in minimal money investment.

How to start?

In order to start your Private Pilot License (PPL) course, simply contact me and order now an introductory flight. Every aviation career starts this way.

The introductory flight, as well as the entire PPL course, are done in Herzliya Airport.

Private Pilot License (PPL) course with Dror the Israeli flight instructor. The most efficient and fun way to become a pilot.