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NOTAM Decoder

You have an important flight where you are the pilot in command and you must make sure that all notams meet your plans. You reach the notams information source and must spend some time to remember the notam format and how should it be read. After you managed to decode the notam, you still need to spend some effort to understand the time frame and the location.

No more! With the NOTAM Decoder you can easily see:

The online NOTAMs Decoder is a service provided for free for pilots and student pilots, in order to easily read and decode any NOTAM worldwide. It converts the NOTAM abbreviations into real English words and gives all the information in an easily readable form. Just paste the NOTAM you have in the correct NOTAM format and click "Submit". It is provided "as is" and the user is responsible for its usage as well as for any action results due to its usage. In case you encounter any problem, would like to report about a bug, want to comment or provide feedback, please contact me and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Note: currently not all NOTAM formats are supported. If you see that the format you use is not supported, tell me about it with details about the format and I'll try to have it supported.

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